Solar System

Solar System Overview 

“Living a Eco Friendly, Energy Efficient Lifestyle” 

The Tropical Dream is to live a lifestyle where the warm breeze of the Caribbean Ocean is felt as you walk along the beach at sunset, or jump in your boat for fishing or recreational ride around the reef, a trip to the village for shopping, and then return to enjoy your eco-friendly, zero ($0) energy cost home.

The Canals at Mango Creek homes were carefully planned and designed to take advantage of  Mother Nature’s sunlight, prevailing winds, and prime access to the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Ocean.

Our eco friendly, energy efficient, design team have engineered a complete photovoltaic (solar) system which incorporates the following:

1.     5 kW PhotoVoltaic (PV) System which can optimize the peak solar time, averaging approximately 6 hours a day. 

Property in Belize Solar System Panel

2.     1.5 kW (max 2.0 kW) Vertical Wind Turbine (VWT) that is the latest state-of-the-art technology wind product. We are proud to announce that this VWT will be installed on all homes. The Canals at Mango Creek is the first home development in Belize to provide this technology. The wind currents average approximately 18 hours a day and will supplement the PV solar power system and battery backup system. 

3.     Thermal Collectors located on the underside of PV panels, which “triples” a PV panel efficiency, by cooling the panels and collecting the thermal energy to heat the hot water for the homes. This system is capable of providing all hot water needs and can be expanded to heat a jacuzzi. This is a two-in-one solar energy solution. 

4.     10 kW, Li-ion Power  Paks to store and supply the electrical needs of the homes.

Property in Belize Solar System

Property in Belize Solar System Battery










Property in Belize Solar System Battery #2Property in Belize Solar System #2













 5. The air conditioners are 120 volt mini split units.

6. The three largest energy consumers are the stove, water heater and the dryer. They are on separate systems. Even the ceiling fans are designed around 12 volt.

Our energy efficiency system is standard for all homes and will be engineered individually per home to meet the power demands of the homeowner.

This system will be maintained and monitored by The Canals at Mango Creek management.

We are opening a solar school, which will also have online content. Students can facilitate completing their on-site portion of the training at the development.

The bottom line is “zero” electric bill cost to the homeowner.

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