Rental Estimates

As a resident of The Canals at Mango Creek, you have the opportunity to take advantage of our rental management company who can manage the rental of your house, keep it clean, oversee it, and maintain it for a percentage of the rental income.

There is a lack of rentals available for the tourist industry that is developing in the Stann Creek District of Southern Belize. Your house could be offered furnished on the water and rented for as much of the time as you desire when it is not occupied by you.

Based on the very few comparables in the area (because of the huge need), you could expect a rental income of $150.00 per day. With a daily rate of $150.00 per day x 7, the average weekly rental income is about $1,050.00.

In this example of Monthly Rental Income based on rental 65% of the year, the income is as follows: 65% x 365 days = 237 days x $150.000 = $35,550.00 rental income a year.

There are only 25 homes in The Canals at Mango Creek development, not all of the homeowners will want to rent their homes out and some will be full-time residents, ex-pats, etc.


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