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The Canals at Mango Creek development is committed to building quality completely solar state of the art designed homes with zero energy bills and minimal maintenance. Here you can enjoy a small exclusive community, in a tropical lifestyle most people only dream of, with all that Southern Belize has to offer.

Our management team helps to create a sense of family, has all the expertise to help in your buying process, and will guide you every step of the way from answering questions to every aspect of your relocation experience. We offer the right legal firm and have the right people you can work with to get acclimated to your new home and surroundings with ease. Home is where the heart is and we have the heart to make your home a tropical paradise.

The Canals at Mango Creek development is located in the Stann Creek District in Southern Belize, Central America. It is composed of 25 homes in a non gated community. We choose not to be a gated community but there will be 24/7 security on site. There is very little crime; the local population watches out for each other and their neighbors. The management has a special relationship with the local people and the development brings more prosperity to the area.

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The homes at The Canals At Mango Creek are completely solar using S.I.P. (structural insulated panels) assembled in the US and shipped to Belize. The homes are erected on pilings and covered with acrylic lime stucco. The roofs are a solid membrane and Low E thermal windows and doors are used. Check out the construction page to learn more about this process.

Walter Michaels and Jim Huntress will be establishing a solar school in close proximity to the development, giving a unique advantage to residents in the development. The school will provide an integral part of the monitoring of the house solar systems by allowing maintenance through onsite training. The solar system can be assessed by the lower room on the ground floor of all homes; completely separate from the main house. This means the homeowner requires no knowledge of how their solar system works and is free to enjoy the tropical breeze and their relaxed lifestyle.

We also offer a complete rental management company offering cleaning and maintenance for the home owner if they choose to rent their home for the time that they are not occupying it to realize an income stream from their investment. The area has a shortage of rentals where someone can just walk in with a suitcase and have all the amenities at hand to enjoy their vacation time.

Construction Day 1

The homes are all situated on a canal system which runs into the Placencia lagoon, just five minutes from the open Caribbean Sea. Your private boat dock provides easy and secure access to jump in your boat and enjoy the world’s best reefs which run the full length of Belize and are just ten miles off the coast. The reef, the peninsula of Placencia, the lagoon, and a tree line of several hundred feet are between the development and any storm that comes. This location makes the lagoon a safe haven for boaters, especially in the hurricane season.

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You will find prices at The Canals At Mango Creek to be very reasonable compared to Placencia or Ambergis Caye . You won’t find a better value anywhere in Belize and no other solar development compares to the new state of the art design and technology being used in these homes.

Contact us today to hear how you can take advantage of this incredible offer before these 25 homes are sold out

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