About The Canals at Mango Creek Belize



Who is the developer of The Canals at Mango Creek?

The developer is The Canals at Mango Creek Limited. The mailing address for the business office is:
11111-70 San Jose Blvd. #270, Jacksonville, FL 32223.

The Belize address is Malacate Road North, Independence Village, Stann Creek District, Belize.


Why move to The Canals at Mango Creek Belize?

The best word to describe the development would be “community”. With you in mind – we have thought of it all!!!

The Canals at Mango Creek is a place that offers the following and so much more:

  • Only 25 homes for a close community,
  • gorgeous custom built homes of your choice,
  • best in the industry solar constructed homes with zero electric bills that are maintained for you,
  • quality state of the art construction built to last and free you from maintenance to enjoy the quality of life you have always dreamed of,
  • access to your own personal boat dock,
  • community salt water infinity pool,
  • 24/7 security for a good night’s sleep,
  • Management company to rent your house while you are away for investment income,
  • Caring, competent, and experienced management to assist you from beginning questions to hammock dreams.

Southern Belize has the most to offer the adventurist soul: diving, kayaking, boating, hiking, caving, biking, zip lines, eco parks, bird watching, Mayan ruins, jaguar reserves, golf…just to mention just some of the activities. Southern Belize has a long history of welcoming the outside world from pirates to tourist.

This area of Belize is now growing with the influx of tourism and new development projects in Southern Belize. A new airport on the road to Placencia handling international travel is being built; the tarmac and terminal have been completed. A five star casino and hotel are in construction as well. This area has so much room and diversity that there is something for everyone.

Southern Belize offers all of the things that people want…lifestyle, mountains and oceans with easy access to both, world’s best barrier reefs nearby as well as other tourist attractions, world’s second best sport fishing, tropical paradise and greenery, sports, great food that is organic and not genetically engineered, beautiful weather and coastal breezes, and secure banking. If you are concerned about your future and the political climate you can find Belize to be a very safe haven.

You can have it all!!!

How do I get to The Development? 

By Boat: The development is a five minute boat ride from Placencia. The Hokey Pokey water taxi runs all day back and forth to Placencia for US $3.00.

By Car: The drive from Belize City takes 2-1/2 hours.

By air: There are two local airstrips with regular service; one in Independence (Savanah airport) and another in Placencia (serviced by Maya Air).

International flights to Belize City are from several cities in the U.S. and the flight is approximately 2 hours from the U.S. Flights are available from Belize City to the local airstrips and take 30 minutes.

A new international airport is being built just 20 minutes from the development and when complete will replace the one in Belize City providing direct flights to the area.


What kind of security is there?

Security guards will monitor the property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making rounds in a golf cart. The HOA fees pay for the security guards.


Do I maintain my own home and are there HOA fees?

The developer warrants the labor and materials for one year after purchase through normal usage. There are varying warranties for products and appliances withing the home. Reasonable homeowner association fees (currently $125 per month) are required. HOA fees will only be increased as needed for normal inflation of the maintenance costs of the development.


How do I maintain the solar?

The solar system requires minimal maintenance (basically cleaning bird poop off the PV panels on the roof). The normal life expectancy for the power paks are 30 years. The power paks are warranted for 10 years by the distributor. The complete solar system is maintained for you. The costs are included in the HOA fees. There is no need for you to know anything about the solar system since it will be maintained through the room downstairs that is completely separate from your home.


Do I have clear title and can I get title insurance?

Yes, you have clear title and American Title Insurance will insure you.


What are the taxes on the property?

There is a one time initial 5% tax on all property sales with the first 10,000 exempt, and an administrative filing fee of 2% of the house purchase price, which purchasers must include in their final closing payment. Property taxes are very low. The government of Belize makes its money from the 12.5% general sales tax and import duties. Belize makes most of its money from oil, tourism and by selling agricultural products such as sugar, citrus and bananas.


Can I rent my home?

Yes. The management company will maintain, clean, and handle renting your home for you when you are away. Due to the shortage of rentals in the area, there is high demand for rentals in this area.


How do the home prices at The Canals at Mango Creek compare to other ocean or waterfront property in Belize? 

You will find The Canals at Mango Creek to be very reasonable compared to Placencia or Ambergris Caye. When you factor in the completely off the grid solar system at The Canals at Mango Creek, it would be difficult to find a better value on the water anywhere.


What about sewage? 

Each home has its own septic system.


Is there water service at the development?

Yes, public water is available through the Village of Independence Water Authority. Homeowners will receive water bills from the utility company. Homeowners will be responsible for the connection costs from the main water lines in the road to their homes. This one-time connection fee is estimated to be US $300 and is not due and payable at closing.  The cost of the water for a supply sufficient to serve a residence on a monthly basis is approximately US $10 per month.

What are the amenities at The Canals at Mango Creek?

All homeowners of the development can enjoy the use of the community clubhouse with outdoor grills and picnic area, saltwater infinity pool overlooking the canals, volleyball court and recreation area with bocce ball, boat launch, private beach, grounds maintained, and peace of mind of 24 hour a day security watch. 

What about my boat? 

Every home at The Canals at Mango Creek comes with a boat dock or slip, most right on the lot. Large boat owners over 40 feet or boats with a large draft will need to make special arrangements with management or a marina. There is a marina being built just 1/3 mile away to handle larger boats.

You can launch your boat at the boat ramp at the development and store your boat on your lot.

There is a fuel dock in Placencia just 5 minutes across the lagoon.

Coast Guard: +501 225-2125 (Marine Radio Channel 16)

Ocean waters average a comfortable 75-84 degrees F. During February through June, trade winds run at 12 to 20 knots and above, 70% of the time. Throughout the rest of the year, expect winds around 6 knots. The average temperature of Belize is 80% F.


About The Area Around the Canals Development


Can I rent a car locally?

There are two local car rental companies.


Where do I get food and supplies and what’s available?

There are four markets in Independence alone and many in other areas. All the markets carry name brand foods and toiletries you will recognize.

On the weekend the Mayan’s and Mennonites have fresh goods in the central park.

All the fruit and vegetables are grown naturally. Most of the vegetables and fruit are grown by the Mennonites; who also produce much of the chicken, eggs, and poultry. They also make the ice cream and cheese. You won’t find any genetically modified foods in Belize.

Since citrus is grown locally and exported, the prices are very reasonable. You can expect to pay about US $1 for pineapples and papayas.

Restaurants serve orange and lime juice freshly squeezed.  Coconut water is readily available.

Naturally, the seafood is fresh and plentiful. Prices are reasonable.

Belize makes most of its money from oil, tourism and by selling agricultural products such as sugar, citrus and bananas and exporting fresh seafood.

Where is local dining?

There are currently ten locations to eat out in Independence. In Placencia there are many restaurants with different venues for everyone from casual to high end dining.


What about the water supply?

The government is responsible for ensuring that the water is clean. Water in the Stann Creek area does not need additional treatment to drink.  However, we recommend a reverse osmosis unit or charcoal filter or similar be installed in your home for the drinking water.  The Canals at Mango Creek may install a back up well system if approval can be obtained from the local government. Water is essential to life and Belize has one of the highest amounts of freshwater per capita in the world!


Is there local mail service?

There is no local mail delivery. You have a choice of a postal box in two locations.


Where are medical and dental facilities?

There are two medical clinics located in Independence and one pharmacy. The nearest hospital is 50 miles north on the northern Highway.

There is a dental clinic in Placencia.


What about medical insurance?

International medical insurance can be purchased at a reasonable rate.

In General, if you opt for the no insurance avenue while living in Belize:

There are local medical options, which are out of pocket, and inexpensive in Belize. Office visits are very low in cost, you can even have your X-rays if required done and take the films with you the same day back to your local physician who ordered them, or have your lab work done in town for a fraction of what the same test would cost in the USA.

There are also the free hospitals here which Expats in Belize can also use, and most things are covered in Belize. If your particular medical issue is not covered, the fees are very nominal compared to medical expenses in other countries such as the USA.


What about schools?

There are two high schools, three middle schools, four elementary schools, and one technical trade school. There are private and religious schools as well. All schools wear uniforms. Some private tutoring is available. There are many virtual school options as well.


Ports of Entry for Boats

The Belize Port Authority will direct boats as necessary upon their arrival. There are two; one in Belize city and one in Big Creek near The Canals at Mango Creek.


Purchasing Property at The Canals at Mango Creek


How are the deposits and down payments held?

The deposit is 10% to reserve the house for purchase to be applied towards your down payment. The down payment is the total amount required as a down payment to purchase the house. You first send a 10% deposit and then at closing you will be instructed to send the remaining difference.

Deposits and down payments are held in escrow by the escrow agent. The escrow agent is authorized to disburse to you all monies you have paid prior to closing in the event of our failure to convey title.


Can foreigners purchase property?

Yes, foreigners (non-Belizeans) can purchase property in Belize and title insurance is issued.


How do I receive title?

After closing you will receive the original Transfer Certificate of Title. If your purchase is financed, we will send you documentary evidence of your ownership. After the mortgaged is satisfied, a Transfer Certificate of Title will be sent to you.


How can I feel confident about purchasing property in Belize?

We want you to feel completely comfortable about purchasing property in Belize and can put you in contact with the closing agent.

The relevant government office in Belize is the Belize Government Ministry of Lands, located in Belmopan (Capital) at 011-501-822-2331. All records are public and easily accessible.

The title is fee simple. Belize has a stable government and a growing economy with British Commonwealth laws similar to the U.S.


What are the forms of payment?

We accept Cashier’s Checks, Certified Checks or personal checks as forms of payment for deposits. For closing payments we accept Cashier’s Checks or Certified Checks.

Can I visit the property before purchasing?

Yes, you can visit the property at any time before purchasing. Please email us or phone us to coordinate your trip and make arrangements to have someone show you around.


Is it easy to purchase property in Belize?

Yes, all titles are fee simple and title transfer is registered with the Government of Belize. For a personal consultation, contact us and our sales team will answer any questions you may have and give you specific information.


Costs and Taxes


What are the closing costs?

At the time of closing a Stamp Tax equal to 5% of the parcel purchase price must be paid to the Belize Government.


What will the property taxes be?

Annual property taxes should be approximately 1% of the value of your parcel and payable to the Government of Belize.


What are the annual HOA fees?

US$125 per month homeowner association fees.


Building Information


What is the minimum and maximum square footage I can build?

The minimum square footage is 1,500. There is no maximum.


Are there deed restrictions?

Yes, they are the building guidelines.


Can I build a swimming pool?

Yes, swimming pools are allowed. The community will have a saltwater infinity pool for your enjoyment.


Belize in General


Where is Belize?

Belize is in Central America located in the Western Caribbean just below the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Guatemala borders Belize from the west and south.


How large is Belize?

Belize is approximately 8,866 square miles. Its mainland is approximately 180 miles long and up to 68 miles wide. The 2010 census showed a population of 312,698 people with close to half being male and half being female. The population of Belize is very young and over 40% is under age 14.

How long can I stay in Belize?

Visitors are permitted to stay in Belize for a period not to exceed 30 days. Extensions are routinely granted at Immigration offices located in San Pedro on Ambergris Cayes, Punta Gorda, Belmopan, Orange Walk, and Belize City at a cost of 25 USD monthly for the first 6 months and 50 USD monthly following the first six months after entry in the country.

For more information the Immigration & Nationality Department in Belmopan can be contacted at 501-8-22611/-22423.

Is Belize law similar to US law?

Belize law is similar to U.S. law and in fact Belize is an Independent British Commonwealth.  Their Government was modeled after the British Parliamentary System and is stable and the economy is growing.


Doing Business in Belize

Belize is highly attractive for investors and retirees planning to start a business in Belize. There are no restrictions on investment as long as activities remain within the bounds of the law and the necessary permits and licenses are obtained. There are no restrictions on conducting business with nationals, residents and non-residents. Nationals, referred to under law as Citizens are persons born in Belize, or persons naturalized or registered under the relevant Act. A resident is a person who has been residing in Belize in excess of 6 months.


What languages are spoken in Belize?

English is the official language in Belize. English is also the language that is taught in schools, and most of the people speak some kind of English dialect.

Spanish, Maya, Garifuna and Creole are also spoken.

Spanish is taught in schools and is spoken by many.

Can I retire in Belize and are there incentives?

Yes, you can retire to Belize and there are many retirement incentives.  The cost of living in Belize is less than in the U.S., but may depend on the standard you are accustomed to.


What is the Belize retirement program?

The Belize Retirement Program is created especially for people who wish to live in Belize and can prove permanent and consistent income from investment (abroad and in Belize), pension or other retirement benefits.

Who Qualifies?

Anyone forty-five years and older from the United States of America, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada and Belize can qualify for this program.

A person who qualifies can also include his or her dependants in the program.  Dependants included spouses and children under the age of eighteen.  However, it can include a person under the age of twenty-three if enrolled in a university.

More Benefits of Retiring in Belize:

  • Tax Breaks.
  • Peaceful Nation.
  • English Speaking.
  • Good Educational System.
  • Sub-tropical Climate all year round.
  • Easy access to land for development and construction of a retirement home.
  • Close proximity to the United States and Mexico.
  • Strong & stable Belize Dollar.
  • Abundance of natural resources.
  • Breathtakingly beautiful.
  • Friendly people.


What about Auto Insurance

Belize requires insurance on automobiles. Average rates for the “Road Act” insurance runs about BZ$380 per year but is 3rd party only. Check with a local insurance office for advice on the coverage that is best for you and what it includes.


What Bus service is available?

There is bus service throughout Belize with regular schedules. A helpful website is, which lists all bus schedules for Belize and much needed information on other modes of travel within Belize.


How do I own and license a boat in Belize? 

If you are a land owner you can register a boat. The license is a small written test and boat inspection for your captain’s license.


What about medical insurance options for Belize?

In General, if you opt for the no insurance avenue while living in Belize:

There are local medical options, which are out of pocket, and inexpensive in Belize. Office visits are very low in cost, you can even have your X-rays if required done and take the films with you the same day back to your local physician who ordered them, or have your lab work done in town for a fraction of what the same test would cost in the USA.

There are also the free hospitals here which Expats in Belize can also use, and most things are covered in Belize. If your particular medical need is not covered, the fees are very nominal compared to medical expenses in other countries such as the USA.

What Money is used?

While the use of credit cards is becoming more prevalent, most business in Belize still will accept only cash. Always expect to pay cash, USD or Belize dollars. Other currencies, including Canadian dollars, EUROS, British pounds and Mexican pesos, are not generally accepted.

USA and Belize dollars trade on fixed $2BZ to $1US in Belize. When you pay with USD you will receive any change in Belize dollars.

Avoid credit card problems by notifying your credit card company that you will be traveling to Belize. A lot of card companies will decline your credit card when it is used outside your normal shopping area. Not only is this a little embarrassing, but it can add $30 USD to your bill to call your bank since most toll free numbers are not toll free from outside the USA or Canada.

Are pets allowed?

The importing of a pet into Belize is regulated by the Belize agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) 011-501-822-0197 or 011-501-822-0818. This is where you can apply for an import permit.

The owners need to present the following for domestic pets:

  • Valid import permit
  • International veterinary certificate (completed not more than 7 days from arrival in Belize)
  • Valid rabies vaccination certificate
  • Inspection by quarantine officer (done at the port of entry)
  • US $30 entry fee + US $12.50 fax fee


What are the policies of Customs and Immigrations?

To learn more about the policies of customs and immigrations in Belize, a helpful website is:



More FAQs are coming soon. If you have any question, do not hesitate to Contact us