I. About The Canals at Mango Creek Belize


Who is the Developer of The Canals at Mango Creek?

Why move to The Canals at Mango Creek Belize?

How do I get to The Development?

What kind of security is there?

Do I maintain my own home and are there HOA fees?

How do I maintain the solar?

Do I have clear title and can I get title insurance?

What are the taxes on the property?

Can I rent my home?

How do the home prices at The Canals at Mango Creek compare to other ocean or waterfront property in Belize?

What about sewage?

Is there water service at the development?

What are the amenities at The Canals at Mango Creek?

What about my boat?


II. The Area Around The Canals Development


Can I rent a Car Locally?

Where do I get food and supplies and what’s available?

Where is local dining?

What is the water quality?

Is there local mail service?

Where are medical and dental facilities?

What about medical insurance?

What about schools?

What is the Port of Entry for Boats?


III. Purchasing Property at The Canals at Mango Creek


How are the deposits and down payments held?

Can foreigners purchase property?

How do I receive title?

How can I feel confident about purchasing property in Belize?

What are the forms of payment?

Can I visit the property before purchasing?

Is it easy to purchase property in Belize?


IV. Costs and Taxes


What are the closing costs?

What will the property taxes be?

What are the annual HOA fees?


V. Building Information


What is the minimum and maximum square footage I can build?

Are there deed restrictions?

Can I build a swimming pool?


VI. Belize in General


Where is Belize?

How large is Belize?

How long can I stay in Belize?

Is Belize law similar to US law?

Doing Business in Belize

What languages are spoken in Belize?

Can I retire in Belize and are there incentives?

What is the Belize retirement program?

What about Auto Insurance

What Bus service is available?

How do I own and license a boat in Belize?

What about medical insurance options for Belize?

What money is used?

Are Pets allowed? 

What are the policies of Customs and Immigrations?



More FAQs are coming soon. If you have any question, do not hesitate to Contact us