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“To Whom It May Concern: 

Jim Huntress has worked with me on and off for over ten years on residential and light commercial building and remodeling in Florida. He is very capable dealing with customers, subcontractors, and suppliers. Jim takes pride in his work and customer satisfaction.  

I have had the privilege of touring the SIPS manufacturing plant and seeing the construction method used in building the solar homes. I am pleased with the materials and would like to use them in my own area for future construction. 

I had the opportunity to spend 2 weeks in Independence, Belize. While there I visited the port where the house materials arrived, the construction site of The Canals at Mango Creek where the model is being built, as well as the surrounding areas. While there I met city councilmen, the chief of police, government officials, and local businessmen who all had positive endorsements of the character and capabilities of Jim Huntress. 

If you need further information please contact me.  

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