Structural Insulated Panels


Products Used in House Construction

Below are pictures of the Gramatica SIPS manufacturing plant in the United States to show you the materials that will be used in the construction of the homes.

Property in Belize

Gramatica SIPS Plant








property in Belize



The floor panels are made of 10” solid foam reinforced by 2×10’s.
They are covered by marine grade insect repellent, termite proof wood and are supported by
a structural foundation on top of piers. These floor panels will be covered with tile or a
selection of hardwoods.




Roof panels are 8″ panels similar to floor panels. The roof exterior will be covered with a solid membrane system.

Real Esttae in Belize


Walls shown at right have wood, unlike the panels at The Canals, which are a 5” solid foam and covered with cement fiber board. All exterior and interior walls and ceilings will be covered with limestone acrylic stucco.

Property in Belize | Mango Creek

Home panel cut sheets used to pre-fit and test every panel before shipping.

property in Belize

Property in Belize













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