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Jim Huntress

The Canals at Mango Creek | Jim Huntress


Jim Huntress has over 40 years experience in the construction industry and an extensive background from commercial construction to residential development, design, and build out.  He has orchestrated building projects throughout the Eastern United States, and Jamaica. One of his many passions has been to help people in the inner city by serving as project manager of a non-profit organization that helped to rehabilitate people with drug and alcohol addictions. He assisted these people by rehabbing the inner city neighborhoods and teaching the people new life skills in the construction field.

Jim is certified to design, build, and maintain solar and thermal systems for all electrical and energy needs in the residential and commercial arena.

Over the years he has seen every type of green or environmentally friendly building method that has been touted as the newest and the best.

Through his knowledge and experience, Jim has designed a solar development utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology in solar, combined with the most eco-friendly construction methods to create a house that is at the top of its class in maintenance-free and energy efficient living. These homes will not only provide $0 (zero) energy costs, but include all the amenities you would expect to enjoy in a beautifully designed air-conditioned home with modern kitchens, large airy spaces, quiet surroundings, and water access just five minutes to the Caribbean Sea.

Most other solar systems are a massive system of batteries and lose power because connections are not wired properly, require constant maintenance, or the batteries are cycled so much that they deplete completely.

Jim’s system is powered by lithium power paks that were previously only available to the military (until recently). Also, the helix wind system is designed specifically to work with these lithium power paks.

Jim has the honor of being the first developer to utilize these new products and design a unique quality system with the most efficiency, least maintenance, ease of use, and durability.

Jim Huntress has had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe, the United States, Nova Scotia, Greenland, and South and Central America. He has been traveling to Belize for many years and found that Belize offers everything to provide for a quality tropical lifestyle in an English speaking country with secure banking and land ownership.

Barbara “BJ” Cockrell

Property in Belize | Barbara Cockrell

Barbara Cockrell is a real estate investor, licensed real estate agent, and marketer.

Barbara attended her first real estate training in the 80’s. After college, she was the manager of an International Actuarial Software company for over 20 years (while buying and selling real estate part-time). Her management experience during that time included human and finance resources, real estate and contractions, and information technology including management of all computer based training.

Barbara then went on to get a masters in real estate investing through knowledge and experience of buying and selling millions of dollars in residential and commercial properties and notes, business management, corporate entity structuring and asset protection, multiple income strategies, and information and internet marketing.

She currently operates a real estate investment and marketing business, is a licensed Realtor, buys and sells properties in Florida, USA and Belize, Central America and, while still raising and taking care of her youngest child, knows the importance of juggling family and career.

She saw the need to use less effort to create more sales and bigger profits in her business and authored a course for selling houses online with marketing expertise. Through this training she collaborates with the experts in Real Estate and Internet Marketing and shows you how to become an online success.

Barbara loves Belize and all “mother nature’s best keep secrets” has to offer through its diverse tropical lifestyle and environment.

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